With over thirty years working in film & television across all genres it’s safe to say I have a wealth of experience.
It started in 1990, leaving college with a Fine Art degree majored in film, I moved to London and got a job in a camera rental company who specialised in 16mm Aaton film cameras and Steadicams.

While working for this rental company I made full use of the equipment at my disposal and managed to shoot and light many pop promos during my time there. I shot The Prodigys first promo, “No good start the dance” in its entirety on a Steadicam with an Arri 35mm BL, I lit All Saints first pop promo, “Silver Shadow” as well as “Incredible” by General Levi. I also managed to produce, direct, light, shoot and edit many videos for record companies like Rough Trade, Go Discs and Too Pure Records who were populated at the time with artists like PJ Harvey, The Voodoo Queens, Faith Healers & Minxus. By the mid 90’s I must have lit at least 30 pop promo’s and the time had come to go freelance however I did this as a Focus Puller. I worked on all kinds of productions from features and commercials to documentaries, corporates and of course many, many pop promos.

Although I was successful as a focus puller, after five years I realised I wasn’t being creative anymore which was the whole reason for getting into the film and television industry in the first place. In 2000 I decided to make a clean break and just stopped. I started shooting a lot of music work for television and video cameras which was new for me having spent the last 10 years working exclusively with film cameras but I was doing something I loved.

With the help of director Nick Wickham I was introduced to the late Paul Shyvers who not only became a close friend, he also gave me my first chance to DoP a concert. I am forever thankful to him having the faith in me. Paul & I then started doing a lot of work together, co conspirators but before he passed away he introduced me to the director James Russell, again now a close friend. James and Paul were not only loyal but they allowed me to experiment with both cameras and lighting designs, sometimes in a crazy way.

At the end of 2010 I was privileged to DOP my first feature length 3D movie with the director Marcus Viner.

Music has been a huge part of my life & being able to combine this with my passion for cinematography is a blessing I never take for granted. I built my reputation as a very good camera operator & for me the combination of lighting and being behind the camera where possible is where I am most at home.

As well as performing the role of DOP on concerts from small venues to large arenas I also light a lot of music shows, pop promo’s and studio sessions designing the lighting to get the maximum impact from whatever budget is available. I’ve been lucky enough to work with artists right at the beginning of their career, sometimes it’s been their first tv appearance examples of which include studio sessions for Bastille, Jessie J, Sam Smith, James Bay, Jack Garret, Years & Years & Royal Blood.

In 2011 I set up the crewing agency My Crew Ltd. It is with great pride I can say this has now become one of the leading crewing agencies in UK covering all disciplines from the camera department.


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